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Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd. is a global level company from Kyoto of Japan. We work with optimism and sincerity to meet market demands for high quality Fresh Roasted Barley Grain. 


Environment Initiatives

We have acquired Eco Action 21 certification in June 2019. And hence, we work as per the Eco Action 21 environmental management system, which the Ministry of the Environment has set.

Eco Action 21 is the Japanese environmental management system for business operators & organizations to voluntarily undertake environmental efforts. The system has been set on a method to regularly improve the performance, which is called the PDCA cycle. Abiding by the guidelines of this certification, business operators build, operate and maintain the EMS construction. 

Environmental Management Policy

With the objective to become an environmentally friendly food manufacturing company, we promote environmental conservation. We promote conservation of nature in the spirit of Mottainai (Yield, process waste, defective machining and labor saving improvements), which is also among the action guidelines that we follow. We also work hard to make purchases of products that are eco-friendly and in abidance with laws and regulations.

Action Guidelines of KGS Energy Saving Team

  • Work on energy management
  • Improve efficiency of production equipment
  • Bring improvements in operations and work of environment
  • Work for recycling
  • Have compliance with the guidelines

Other actions that the team takes are tabulated below:

To reduce use of items of environmental burden:

To be sure of acting on:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste emissions
  • Water usage & drainage volume

  • Energy saving
  • Reduction of waste/ Recycling
  • Water quality management / Reuse
  • Encouraging legal compliance and green purchasing
  • Improvement of environmental performance in manufactured & sold products

Implementation Content:

We work on Energy Management by regularly monitoring power consumption and demand values. We also use 100% green power (CO2 emission factor 0.000000kg-CO2 / kwh) at Nara factory.

We have an energy conservation team, which monitors all the tasks and takes actions on inadvertent use of energy. In addition, this team keeps a record of the operational status of every production line, finds out the problems and suggests improvements to reduce energy, production cost and human loss. For energy conservation, we have installed a motor controlled device and vaporization type gas generator.

We are constantly bringing improvements in operation efficiency & work environment. We take actions for reducing food loss by improving production equipment, reducing overall production time by replacing machines & increasing production capacity and reducing cleaning time by improving the working environment. Further, we take actions to reduce the overall operation timing of every production line. 

We work hard to reduce wastage and recycle waste. We are doing this by reusing residue of our products waste, reducing use of paper & using electronic tablets and installing a water treatment facility at our premises. 


In order to smoothly operate various types of machinery and well-manage the utilities, we are operating in compliance with essential laws and regulations. Our energy conservation team positively follows the set compliances. 

Key Facts of Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd.:

Business Type

Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer and Exporter

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Company Branches

In Nara Plant


Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

No. of Production Units


Export Markets

America, China, Thailand and India

Import Markets


No. of Engineers


No. of Designers


Standard Certification


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